What If Your Life With Clear Aligners Was Stress-Free?

Imagine a different kind of Monday morning.

Where You...

  • Didn’t wake up dreading the idea of leaving your house
  • Never worried about keeping track of 22 hrs in any given day
  • Felt more confident, even if others couldn’t possibly relate to your clear aligner struggles
  • Could quit revolving both work and vacation time around your accessibility to a public restroom 

The constant swishing, flossing, and brushing gets tiresome. However, this doesn’t mean you’re now forced to follow an OMAD (One Meal a Day) lifestyle.

You can and should live the life you want. 

There’s no reason that you have to DREAD your clear aligner treatment.

In fact, I actually ENJOYED mine.

All it took was a mindset switch, some (much needed) adjustments to my eating patterns, and a reliable strategy.

Certain tactics – Like rewarding myself when I hit a clear aligner milestone were paramount in my ability to stay focused and motivated. 

Screenshot from my personal calendar.

These calculated methods are proven to work and I’m confident they’ll work for you too.

Don’t you want to have a healthy relationship with food AFTER completing your treatment?

These days, I rarely snack, my cravings are manageable, and most importantly…

I feel FULL. 

Treating myself to a four-course lunch while on vacation in Tokyo, Japan.

What’s standing in your way? Well, like me, you probably HATE change.

Perhaps you already want to give up because you snack out of boredom, are reluctant to part ways with your morning coffee, or don’t want to limit yourself to a liquid diet.

I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Even If You're...

  • Feeling like food is the enemy
  • Afraid of becoming a clear aligner dropout
  • Concerned that simply “pushing through the hunger” is getting to be too much

These fears don’t define you. They won’t define you. And you can put them to rest right now. 

My first few months with Invisalign were rough.

Twenty-two hours.

That’s how long the program recommends to keep your clear aligners on for each day.

The number was etched into my brain.

Thirty minutes for breakfast. Thirty minutes for lunch. An hour for dinner. No snack time.

Every meal was a race against the clock.

Being a “slow” eater only made things worse.

My stress and anxiety levels naturally exploded. I was hungry all the time. 

And I knew I was stuck in this monotonous Groundhog Day cycle for at least twelve months.

What shocked me the most? 

I never thought that I would be the type of person to lose an interest in eating. 

It wasn’t until I had some routine blood work done that I discovered the negative toll intermittent fasting and meal skipping were having on my own body. 

I was lacking carbohydrates, my high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – aka “good” cholesterol counts were alarmingly low, and my doctor said I couldn’t afford to continue with intermittent fasting or I’d wind up in the hospital.

This was my reality check. What I was doing wasn’t sustainable. 

Something had to change. 

So I devised a comprehensive set of meal plans specifically for this reason.

beach-looking I knew it was my calling to help others with their journey.

Well+Aligned is so much more than simply understanding what to eat. It's your lifeline to a smooth transition with life pre and post clear aligners. 

meal_planThe provided recipes are perfect for busy schedules and tight grocery budgets.

Food is no longer my enemy. And it won’t become yours either.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? No problem.

You’re destined to have a mouthwatering experience with any of the Well+Aligned tiered meal plans. 

Allergic to soy, dairy, or gluten? I’ve got you covered. All of the suggested recipes focus entirely on these factors. 

The ingredients and bases were deliberately created to include soft textures (trust me, your sore teeth will thank you) as well as dishes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. 

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