The Average Clear Aligner Candidate Is Expected To Wear Their Trays For 8,030 Hours.

I'm Here As Your Support System. 


Nutrition consultant, wellness specialist, and clear aligner coach. 

I spent 15 months tweaking my lifestyle to make sure my clear aligner treatment was completed on schedule. 

The first four months were miserable.

  • I feared going out in public
  • I feared smiling
  • I feared telling people that I had clear aligners 
  • I became even more of an introvert (If that was such a thing)
  • I couldn’t find any guidance around my nutritional diet
  • I didn’t eat as much because I didn’t want to brush 10x/day

My stress and anxiety were through the roof. It wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t healthy. I became calorie deficient. And the doctor told me I needed to eat more carbs.


Turns out, I wasn’t alone. 

There were hundreds  if not thousands  of social media and forum posts about people with the same insecurities.

Most of the struggles surrounded the inconvenience of food and diet.

Yet, the majority of these posts went unanswered.

They oftentimes told the person to skip meals or resort to what I like to call “The Parents’ Night Out Diet.”

Macaroni & Cheese... Loaded Mashed Potatoes... Ice Cream

All the processed junk my parents let me eat when they left me with a babysitter.  

Something had to change. For myself and the clear aligner community. 

So I took a risk, put a pause on my career in marketing and communications.

I became 100% dedicated to this itch that wouldn’t go away  my strained relationship with food. 


I graduated with honors and achieved my certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE). I then made it my mission to serve the millions of people who get clear aligners every year.

What made the rest of my clear aligner journey easy was the 10-45-45 approach I developed for myself. More on this later...

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Paired with my new expertise on creating the perfect meals, the rest was a breeze. 

(My husband also had no idea that I altered our entire dinner schedule to suit my needs. Muahaha.)

But he’s benefited from it, too. 

My mission is to make sure you crush YOUR clear aligner treatment. 

Without compromising anything. 

Not your lifestyle. Not your mental health. But most importantly, not your diet. 

Once you remove the stress and anxiety around your clear aligners, the rest of your life becomes so much more fulfilling.

That’s my guarantee to you.