Managing Your Invisalign Journey While Managing Your Mental Health

Managing Your Invisalign Journey While Managing Your Mental Health

There’s one thing Invisalign and other clear aligners will introduce to you.

A hyperfocus on everyone else’s smile. Which may mean elevated anxiety levels, constant obsessions, and excessive worrying.

The Invisalign (as well as any clear aligner) journey is a long one. Long enough to make you conscious of your own self-consciousness. 

But that’s okay. Because there are ways to overcome your Invisalign anxiety and be happy, comfortable, and content with your new smile.     

This Post Will Cover The Following: 

1) Why Invisalign may make you feel anxious about your teeth 24/7

2) Smart ways to overcome the constant obsessions and excessive worrying about your Invisalign progress 

3) Learning to appreciate your new smile post-Invisalign treatment

Let’s dive in. 

Don’t Lose Sight Of Everything You’re Working Towards 

The average person’s Invisalign treatment length is roughly 12 months, according to NewMouth.

This means that you’ll have an internal monologue – the progress, the nervousness, the anticipation – about your teeth the entire time. After all, that’s why you chose Invisalign to begin with. To transform your smile into the perfect one.

That internal monologue is natural. And it may seem impossible to turn off at times.

Give yourself some credit and determine how you’re going to set yourself up for success. Like tracking your progress with time-lapse videos and getting out of the house in order to keep your sanity. Each day is one day closer to achieving what you’re seeking.

An incredible smile transformation. 

So don’t lose sight of that mentality. 

Track Your Smile On A Monthly Basis, Not a Daily One

Teeth move approximately 0.33mm each month with clear aligners.  

Therefore, you won’t be able to visibly tell on a daily basis whether your perfect smile is in close reach. 

It’s the constant checking on a daily basis that leads to anxiety and self-doubt. 

You need to trust the process of your Invisalign journey. And know that change is coming. This change is exciting. You’ll feel elated. But be patient. Check your progress monthly. You’ll be happy you did! 

Never Underestimate The Power Of Self-Love 

Don’t suppress your anxiety. It’s a natural emotion when enduring a long-journey without the ability to see immediate results.

Rather, recognize your feelings. Because intrusive, self-conscious thoughts will occur.

However, it’s important you practice building your confidence and self-love.

You can do so by surrounding yourself with a positive support group, celebrating your progress wins, and over communicating to your cosmetic dentist or orthodontist about any concerns you may have early on.

Doing so will help you get to your end date faster. Because once that end date comes… it’ll all be worth it.


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