Top Invisalign Worries Revealed [Survey]

Top Invisalign Worries Revealed [Survey]

There's a perception that clear aligners give you all the freedom in the world, as your smile is sculpted to perfection from behind the scenes.

The reality? One's top Invisalign worries aren't what you'd think. 

Of course clear aligner brands have the reputation to live up to their claims, but research suggests you'll need a little more willpower (and money) until you can say farewell to orthodontic treatments entirely. 

NutrishMe recently surveyed adults with Invisalign clear aligners to find out more on their eating struggles, insecurities, and next steps post-treatment. Read on to see what they had to share. 

Aligner Wearers Have Mixed Reviews Regarding Invisalign's Discreetness

One question that's piqued the curiosity of prospective Invisalign wearers is: Are clear aligners clear enough?

When asked about their social lives, over 4 in 5 respondents said they didn't cancel plans or stay at home due to being embarrassed about having clear aligners. In fact, some Invisalign wearers preferred to go about their day with the trays in. 

This Invisalign user attributed their tooth soreness and general discomfort as their primary reason for skipping out on plans.  

While another user rescheduled their Invisalign start date to account for upcoming events. 

Invisalign Will Likely Impact Your Eating Habits 

During the first few weeks with Invisalign, soft foods will be your best friend. And if you're wanting to stay on the healthier side, puréed vegetables, filling smoothies, and hearty soups will do the trick. 

Can exceptions be made for cravings? Certainly. Yet, more than half (59%) of those surveyed avoided their favorite foods because they didn't want to remove their clear aligners.

Many Individuals Finish Out Their Smile Journeys With Additional Cosmetic Dental Treatments 

After completing a clear aligner program, are you done for good? Survey responses suggest that extra work needs to be done in order to feel satisfied with your teeth at this final stage. 

Cosmetic gum treatment (42%) & dental bonding and/or reshaping (41%) were among the leading procedures people expressed an interest in or already went through with, post-Invisalign.

It also wasn't uncommon for people to desire/proceed with several cosmetic dental treatments, in addition to their Invisalign program. 

A similar topic which respondents had much to say about was teeth whitening. According to Mintel, 45 million Americans (4% of the U.S. population) have had their teeth professionally whitened.

Whitening and bleach treatments are a cost effective way to enhance one's smile, yet results only last an average of 2 to 3 years

It's recommended to consult with a certified whitening specialist before using products that contain 15% to 43% levels of peroxide. Leaving the bleach on for too long or too often may burn the gum area, progress into tooth sensitivity, or create enamel erosion. 


NutrishMe distributed three separate polls to acquire feedback from 2022 Invisalign wearers, using Reddit's survey platform. 

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