An Invisalign Meal Plan. Is There One?

An Invisalign Meal Plan. Is There One?

Those who get Invisalign – or any clear aligner product for that matter – have one major realization on day one.

The normal food routine they once swore by is about to get flipped upside down.

Doesn’t take long for the panic to ensue and for the questions to start churning. 


  • Are there healthy, soft food options that I’d benefit from including in my meals? 
  • What can/should I cook to optimize my wear time (22 hours each day)? 
  • Has anyone successfully followed through with their clear aligner program, without second-guessing each and every decision?

Surprise. Your dentist or ortho isn’t a nutritionist. So they aren’t able to provide much support when it comes to food. Same goes for your friends, family, and spouse or significant other. 

They can't tell you which starches to eat for fullness and satiety. What to avoid for your specific health needs. Or how to overcome grazing or munching for hours on end. 

That’s why there’s a large Invisalign Reddit following of 132,322+ members strong. And countless Facebook groups, Quora threads where this topic resurfaces daily. 

Adults with clear aligners are looking for a nutritional expert. Because an official meal plan never existed… until now. 

Well+Aligned solves every single one of these problems within the clear aligner community. More specifically, this program was designed to help YOU.

This Post Will Cover: 

1) Nutritious soft foods to eat if you have clear aligners

2) How to gain control over your eating habits to optimize your wear time

3) Who can offer personalized, ongoing coaching when it comes to all clear aligner programs

    Let’s dive in. 

    During my own quest to find the best and worst foods for clear aligners, I was met with disappointment and discouragement. 

    Popular fads including fasting and juice cleanses put my body in an unhealthy state. Other opinions to rely on OMAD (one meal a day) benders were a complete fail. I didn’t want a crash diet and my goal wasn’t to deprive myself from a balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. 

    You're likely having similar conflicts. 

    Food Suggestions

    Pasta, mashed potatoes, and ice cream are not a sustainable clear aligner meal plan for 12+ months. 

    I’ll scream it if I have to. These foods can be part of your action plan, but they shouldn’t replace what you’re used to enjoying. 

    My Kickstart Guide to Easy Eating With Clear Aligners highlights 55 foods that are perfect to meet both your dietary and lifestyle needs. It contains preparation suggestions, nutritional breakdowns, and a softness rating that I developed while undergoing my Invisalign treatment (crucial for your first week of meals and on any painful tray change days). 

    It’s all part of the free eBook bundle I’m giving away to my clear aligner family, available for downloading – below.  

    Mastering Your Wear Time With Clear Aligners

    The other overlooked magic bullets are to include snacks as a part of your meal and to fill your plate with a realistic ratio of vegetables, fats, carbohydrates, and protein. 

    It’s also possible that you’ll want to eat once a day, twice a day, or three times a day. I personally went back and forth between a 2x and 3x pattern of meals based on my mood and agenda for the week. 

    Having guests in town, being on vacation, and feeling sick/tired can influence what you’ll decide to do. Embrace the change and stay flexible with your choices when they come your way. 

    This can vary based on your food allergies/sensitivities, lifestyle/work schedule, and other fun special requests. Of course, we can figure that out later. 

    What if I told you the winning approach was 80% psychological, 10% food-driven, and 10% positive reinforcement from your peers?  

    You’ve read correctly. Your mentality, ability to stay focused, and seek support within a trusted group are the fundamentals to this strange, yet rewarding experience. 

    There’s really nothing to lose. Take a test drive with the Well+Aligned 4-Day Meal Plan – at your own speed – and you’ll be on your way to becoming your best self before, during, and after your clear aligner treatment.  

    Your Untapped Potential to Accomplish a Clear Aligner Treatment is Rather Extraordinary  

    Doesn’t matter if you’re 3 days in, going on 2 years strong or happen to be awaiting your first set of trays. I’ve built a reliable system that’s secure enough for withstanding your inevitable highs and lows. 

    Unsure of your next steps? Book a free 20-minute call with me and we’ll determine your ultimate path to clear aligner success. 

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    There are healthy foods which clear aligner patients can count on when a free-for-all diet won’t suffice. Snacks can be tacked onto regular meals as smaller eating windows may have limitations on an individual's nutritional options. Well+Aligned by NutrishMe is the only all-inclusive approach to managing food and your mental health when you have clear aligners. Learn more about the program here.

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