Invisalign for Adults Over 60

Invisalign for Adults Over 60

When it comes to adult orthodontics, studies show that discrete measures are preferred. Invisalign and other clear aligner offerings provide a non-invasive alternative to traditional braces and they don’t come with an age cap on senior teeth corrections. 

Meaning, adults over the age of 60 are just as inclined, if not more willing, to start a smile journey of their own. 

This Post Will Cover: 

1) Why clear aligners are a great teeth straightening solution for individuals 60 and older 

2) The importance of treating dentition issues before they fester 

3) Any lifestyle adjustments adults over 60 should anticipate when starting a clear aligner program

Let’s dive in. 

It’s Never Too Late To Invest In Your Smile

Clear aligners for adults aged 60+ are considered safe, highly effective, and generally affordable.

A dentist from Millenium Dental Arts even suggests that seniors tend to be “more motivated, disciplined, and committed to their [clear aligner] goals” compared to younger generations. 

Think about it. The more deeply you desire something, the easier it will be for you to make your vision a reality. This directly applies to straightening your teeth with clear aligners.

Subsequently, seniors have likely planned on doing a tooth transformation for quite some time and understand what’s at stake (i.e. the large sum of money that they’ll need to put towards clear aligners). 

Prolonging Your Clear Aligner Journey May Prolong Your Treatment Plan Entirely

Underlying dental issues must be resolved in order to be cleared for Invisalign and its competitors in the orthodontic space. Cavities, extractions, troubles with flossing due to malocclusion, and tooth root inflammation are only a few of the conditions a clear aligner certified practice will screen and keep an eye out for. 

To that extent, continuing to postpone your teeth straightening procedure each year isn't advisable. Teeth are forever shifting and won't revert back to their former positions... unless an accredited professional steps in. 

The earlier you seek treatment, the better. And the closer you'll be to your most confident self. 

Life With Clear Aligners Bestows An Entirely New List of Responsibilities

Fortunately, they’re just patterns of habit. Adults with clear aligners are encouraged to go about their days as usual without needing special care or supervision. 

One area which seniors will need to accommodate for is mealtime. Dinners and celebrations that drag on can of course be enjoyed in full, but there’s an extent on how long of a period one can leave his or her trays out for. It’s important to note that 22 hours is still the daily recommended amount of wear time for clear aligners across this age group. 

Speaking of trays, clear aligners aren’t always the easiest to grip. Adults over the age of 60 who have arthritis or joint problems may want to try a removal tool, like an orthokey.  

Depending on their course of treatment, using a handheld mirror to locate any attachments and clear aligner elastics upon tray removal could prove beneficial.  

Another responsibility adults 60+ are expected to take on is managing their comprehensive clear aligner check-ins. These days, the majority of monitoring can be done remotely, yet certain cases require at-home scanning and mobile applications, designed to pair with a smartphone.  

For adults who no longer drive or rely on public transportation, rides ought to be coordinated in advance. It’s also possible that in-person appointments will be more frequent based on a patient’s periodontal health and complexity of treatment. 

Regardless of how independent they may feel, seniors should always ask for help and make any necessary arrangements when they need the right support throughout their personalized clear aligner program. 


Clear aligner therapy is a viable teeth straightening option for adults in their 60s, yet the eating constraints and demanding cleaning schedules remain tiresome. Well+Aligned by NutrishMe is the only all-inclusive approach to managing food and your mental health when you have clear aligners. Sign up to receive the 5 Must-Have Clear Aligner Resources for Adults 45+ right here

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