Athletes and Celebrities With Invisalign [2022]

Athletes and Celebrities With Invisalign [2022]

Truth be told, there’s a lot of pressure for “legends,” including athletes, to look great in front of the camera. It’s no wonder that public figures are creating their own smile transformations with non-invasive orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. 

But which superstars are new additions to the clear aligner community? The below post will cover a quick round-up of six celebrities who are using Invisalign in 2022.

Let’s dive in. 

1. Cam Jordan


Photo: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Dont let the behind-the-helmet confidence fool you. First up on the list is athlete Cam Jordan, defensive end for the New Orleans Saints. 

2. Andrew Wiggins 


Photo: PBS

Smiling wide after a big win can spark insecurities for some. Another ball player, on a different playing field, is Golden State Warriors superstar Andrew Wiggins. 

3. Demi Bagby


Photo: Tumblr

Fitness influencer, Demi Bagby, is also no stranger to clear aligners. She’s relying on Invisalign in order to achieve a picture-perfect smile. 

4. Hailee Steinfeld


Photo: Getty Images

Next, we have a bubbly personality who has been making who has been remarkable appearances on the big screen. Actress Hailee Steinfeld is only 25 years old and she's best known for her roles in True Grit, Hawkeye, and Bumblebee

5. Emeraude Toubia


Photo: Nathaniel Wood

Actress Emeraude Toubia recently started an endorsement deal with Invisalign. This triple-threat has dipped her toes in the modeling and beauty pageant worlds, where gorgeous grins are an ultimate asset. 

6. Josh Richards


Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Last but not least, there’s Canadian actor, producer, business owner, and social media influencer, Josh Richards. Being in the spotlight has encouraged Richards to follow his pursuit in completing a non-invasive teeth straightening treatment. 


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