5 Unspoken Strategies: How to Crush Your Clear Aligner Treatment

If anyone besides your orthodontist or dentist hasn’t applauded you for taking the leap with a digital smile assessment or clear aligner patient agreement contract, I’d love to be the first.

Cheers on pursuing this right of passage and welcome to the club!

I won’t punish you with a boring, drawn out story on why I decided to try Invisalign. That conversation can wait. 

At this point, you’re seeking answers – and right now, it’s only helpful, actionable steps that will get you through these next 12+ months. I was that person in 2021.

All I stumbled upon were misleading affiliate posts, public forums with cherry-picked tips, and poorly filtered before/after photos. 

This easily accessible information just wasn’t serving a good cause. It made things worse, leading me down a “What If?” path of more questions and confusion. 


  • I’m simply a lost cause? 
  • The trays make me considerably more insecure about my smile?
  • I soon realize that I’m not cut out for this?
  • 12+ months is too long? I needed this resolved YESTERDAY

Trust me, I get it. I’m an incredibly anxious person and these were the same questions I asked myself. And I’m sure, the millions of people who had clear aligners before me. 

However, I still couldn’t find the answers I needed. At least not ones that gave me that 100% confidence to move forward. 

I eventually took matters into my own hands by developing an authentic, reliable system for myself and decided I should share it with anyone else who is in the same boat. 

If you’re ready, let’s talk about game plan and strategy…

Strategy #1: Stop Comparing Yourself to Celebrities

Avoid the toxic scrolling of celebrity smiles and Hollywood veneers to the best of your abilities, unless you want to be stuck in a deeply discouraging trap. 

It’s very important to get your teeth in tip-top shape before considering any bleaching, bonding, or tooth contouring. Anyone and everyone who is using clear aligners will have a unique analysis. 

Their case is different from yours and nothing should be considered ‘textbook’ in this area. 

You’re in the care of a professional and it’s up to you to maintain that belief. 

Strategy #2: Don’t Be a Hermit. Get Out of the House

Make an effort to do something in public, at least twice a week. Shopping, going to the gym, whatever it takes. Bring a friend or go by yourself. It’s amazing what the outing will do for your morale and social skills.                                         cat-lady

I went from being a detached couch bum who spent every waking second with her two cats.

And eventually built up the courage to book a 5-day trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for a friend’s wedding.

Strategy #3: Own It. Be Proud That You’re Making Moves

Give yourself some credit for taking action and consider yourself extremely fortunate. It’s okay to have a little gratitude, too, since you or someone close to you is able to afford something of this caliber. 

Strategy #4: Indulge in Incentives That Mean Something to YOU

Acknowledge your own milestones and don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back. Just hit the 6-month mark? Wonderful! On a green light streak with your dentist or orthodontist to move onto your next set of aligners? Stellar. 

Add these major progress notes into your calendar and set a date for when you want to treat yourself to a gelato, manicure, a new pair of Lululemon leggings, etc. These can be big or small.

The onward momentum will keep you MOTIVATED and EAGER to withstand the waiting game, regardless of where you are in your treatment plan. 


An actual screenshot from my personal calendar.

Seems silly. Although there’s a reason why reward programs psychologically enable us to do better. 

And while these small triggers provide me with an immediate surge of dopamine, you’ll have no idea how powerful they are until try this act yourself

Strategy #5: Beat Others to the Punch. Address Your Aligners Before They Can

When in doubt, point them out. Only one friend has ever made a comment about my aligners. I’m pretty sure it’s because they were looking foggy after a warm water rinse. 

Talk openly about your aligners or tell those around you about this exciting journey – if you’re worried that they might notice something’s off. 

Rest assured, everyone is too preoccupied in their own lives to grill you about what’s on your teeth. No pun intended.  

Yes! The Process DOES Get Easier

Flipping the script about your clear aligner treatment not only sets you up for a less complicated blueprint, it’ll save you from 365+ days of headaches and regret. 

Take this from someone who made the most out of their 487+ days of clear aligner treatment all the while starting my own business, traveling, and doubling down with an investment in myself. 

You’re doubling down on yourself too! For a great reason, as it comes to your health. 

I’m fully confident that you’re capable of staying on track with a clear aligner program, whether it’s 3 months. 8 months. 18 months. 

The only difference is your willingness to accept these remarkable changes and to stay open-minded. 

Just make an effort to believe in yourself. That’s it. Then you’re golden. 

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